Here you can listen to a swathe of covers and originals of various genres, both studio and live recordings.

A longer medley of variously funky and ethereal Jazz/Lounge delivered live, with tasty theramin treats provided by most magical meister Trilby Temperley, featuring a gang of wonderful jazz musicians who we adore, can be requested using the contact form, where you can also request a CD or mp3’s of most of these tracks.

The tracks cross genres so scroll down till you find those that best please you.

Revien – Cloud Kollektiv (WAMI winner)

Revien is a collaboration between several floating members of Cloud Kollektiv, including Trilby Temperley. It features a poetic French text also found in Gabriel Faure’s ‘Apres Un Reve’ and won the WAMI award in the Lounge category, the same year Cloud Kollectiv won the Dance category of the WAMI’s as well.

Lucia Recitative A Capella

An a capella version of a wonderful recitative, recorded recently in a very beautiful arts space.

Bachianas Brasilieras #5
Spanish Classical

A short string arrangement performed as part of a classical medley.

Italian Film Festival Medley

Jazz, scat and opera for the Italian Film Festival in Perth.

Visible Dance @ Burswood Casino – Samantha Ray, Trilby Temperley

The marionette puppets are breaking their bonds, there is a breathtaking hush and the ground begins to move. Swooning with a harp, a string ensemble and a big black box the singer seduces the players to dance.

Only You

We can’t go past the Platters.

Fountain of Love – Samantha Ray & To Neto

An evocative mystical poem with a breathy quality laid back in spacious loungeful groove. Released through Counting Clouds in Germany.

Power of Love

Hey, it’s a power ballad, what else can one say?

Con Te Partiro

Andrea Bocelli is the real star of the natural voice.

Interuterion – Pete Ardron & Samantha Ray

Interuterion was recorded while I was pregnant with Rain.   It was the singular piece of music played during our waterbirthing experience.  A layering of my voice in a timeless wash, this piece is one hour long in it’s entirety.  It has not only cured insomnia, it has also acted as a noise filter and supports concentration for driving as well as whole brain energy.

Full Moon Tension – Samantha Ray & Sean Williams

The phases of the moon, the cycles of the woman. Embracing our darkness assists us to find transformation. Sean Willianms is a sound architect doing his doctorate.

Passion – Pete Ardron & Samantha Ray

Written with Orchid Star’s Pete Ardron, this piece allowed me to chart unmapped regions of my voice and enrich my practice with world music influences. Several remixes of this track can also be found elsewhere on the internet and was released through Liquid Sound on Orchid Star’s ‘Birth’ album.

Chatoyant – Pete Ardron and Samantha Ray (Aria album)

The result of my first real time spent in the studio with Pete Ardron, this track is a true fusion between the realms of electronica and the passion of opera.  This song was transformational!

Little Bit Hippie – Bruce Elliot-Smith

The result of a session with two of UK’s leading topline writers and producers, this little snippet shows quirky sweetness and four on the floor 🙂

Where’er You Walk – Handel

A live recording from a beautiful church wedding.

The Shug

An arrangement of a classic ‘gut bucket blues’ number, with guitarist Glenn Rogers.

O Mio Babbino Caro

That famous romantic heartwrencher from ‘A Room with A View’. Everybody loves this tragic little number. I offer it to a bride as a little joke about thowing herself off a bridge if Daddy won’t let her have her man!

Coincidence Control Premeditation (free download) *

An on the fly vocal warm-up in the studio with Lake of Bass before the final album track came into being.

Afropera – Samantha Ray & To Neto

This funky little track was born during the first meeting with, To Neto, in Portugal.

Little by Little – Italian Film Fest

Just the last third of the live gig in case you hate Opera 🙂

The Look of Love

Sweet and short Dusty style.

Cancao Do Mar – Samantha Ray & To Neto

A tropical sounding cover of a famous piece of fado.

Coincidence Control – Lake of Bass

A meditative ending to an album by Lake of Bass.

I Still Call Australia Home

A little homage to the sunkissed land.

Ombra Mai Fu (Handel) – arr. Ben Chase and Samantha Ray

Originally in 3/4, we redesigned this aria in 4/4 to suit our groove requirements.  This is a demo version only and live elements are added for performance.

Pearl Fishers Duet (Bizet) – arr. Samantha Ray and Ben Chase

Originally a duet, this haunting track is purely a demo version. It always has live ensemble overtones in performance and will never be released in its current form.

Galaxis Dance – To Neto & Samantha Ray

An epic new-age rock track which considers universal love and quantum energy.

Heart – Samantha Ray and John Strickland

Heart is the first fusion track I ever wrote. A youthful experiment with crossing the boundaries between opera and club.

Va Pensiero Chorus A Capella (free download) *
OPERA in Chorus

This choral number is a piece to free all the slaves. It’s amazing to hear the people sing and it really moved me to be a part of this moment. Thank you to everyone who gathered there and also to Rolf at the art gallery in Lagoa for making the space available.


Intense serenader Intimate harp duo. Moi avec Bronwyn Wallis. Opera up do Troubador Bicycle dress Light headdress cloud-kollektiv gladesamjump boomfest2


...the Lounge became the catacomb that resonated the vocal tour de force of Samantha Ray, whose powerful howls, accompanied by a montage of technological symphonies have been labelled operatic dance fusion. This sweet siren's almost metaphysical presence enticed onlookers as she threw blossoms into the crowd and interacted with her audience to offer a deeper insight into the poetry behind her music. Merging with the house-inspired backing beats, the enthralling performance enveloped the spectators to culminate in a passionate round of applause.