Awesome Portugal

I was very happy to be a part of Obrigado Portugal, a small one-day festival in a beautiful spot in the Algarve.
Here is a panorama of half of the site …
by day ~
by night ~

There were several tipi’s with wonderful events therein from sound to yoga and everything in between, including a children’s tent. There was a large stage for bands – and the bands were wild and varied – and a stone amphitheatre which was used for more thespian energies and school performances. Local crafty artisans nastled around the space with delicious local produce and food stalls to try. The early wind prevented all but the brave from entering the crystal clear waters that flowed in front of the main stage, but by the evening the calm of the elements was perfectly balmy. A wonderful vibration was created by all who attended and we were given an excellent example of why we all feel that this place is where we love to be. The open hearts and warm sharing energies of the people give me hope for humanity, and an indescribable joy for the future.

Watch out for regular future events from this community!

All information pertaining to this festival and its ongoing mission can be found on the following links.

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