Lost Luggage!

Oops, the airline lost the baggage. Sensibly, my hard drive is in my hand luggage so now, with a delightfully dodgy internet connection I am able to upload fresh links on the listen page, particularly to show contemporary pieces to those clients who ask specifically for these pieces.

I’m busting to share more but I cannot yet give you the original/arranged ethereal aria material as it’s still being prepared for market. As it’s been such a long labour of love I’m not about to lose draft versions to bootlegs.

I’m in the studio, rehearsing in a great acoustic space and preparing set lists for a different band experience coming up soon. I’ll take the Zoom and get some room recordings for you. 🙂

If you like this piece of art it’s one of a series of the Aussie outback by my father. He’s collectible 🙂

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One Response to “Lost Luggage!”
  1. 10.15.2012

    It’s a lovely piece of art. Your Dad is a wonderful painter.
    Plus you’re doing a great digital job of keeping the site up to date. Oh – and – to add a slide – all you have to do is :
    1. crop an image to 960px X 400px
    2. add it as a featured image to a post and
    3. change the category of the post from default “news” to “featured”
    I went in and changed old slide posts from “published” to “draft” so that they don’t show. But between me and you – they are still there 😉

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