Bardic Roots & Songlines

Are your family stories accessible?  What’s the rhythm of your upline?  To which beat do you walk and what connections do you have?  Stories are a powerful and underrated connection in families. They can help us understand our sometimes funny little ways and they can sometimes turn out to contain helpful advice!

My ancestors come in part from the land of the Welsh tinkers with at least five generations of ethnic blending in Australia.  I do enjoy a good story.  My grandmother is in her 90’s and regales us with wistful tales of our ‘unborn’ history.  We may manage to remember some of these stories, be they only a glimpse of the many fascinating  transformations and difficulties faced in the past by our collective ancestors.

Growing up in the bush, I enjoy the campfire and possibilities of sharing and dramatising in the lucid light from an early age.  The soft hiss and pop of the fire and the rustlings from the trees are forever connected with certain memories, even without the images as triggers.  However, more subtle aural triggers are all around us in our daily lives, from the creak of the gate or the sound of a particular footfall, the scrunch of leather from grandpa’s jacket, the way those leaves crunch, the sound of sister playing the piano…..  In the background, even as part of another soundscape, it is a comfortable noise, a meditation, a balm, a soother….something you might miss on holiday.

So tis not just sights and smells and stories but the most subtle sounds which have the power to trigger emotions and states of being.

This is where my passion comes in handy because I can teach you how to record the unique flavours of your family tree and work with you to gain the most comfortable, natural recordings for you to enjoy, keep and share so you can –

  • create an enduring legacy for the younger members of the family.
  • create a soothing soundscape as a noise filter for rezoning and refocussing spaces using these recordings.
  • begin an open or closed time capsule.
  • transform boring slide nights into a groovy story that will have the whole family engaged!

    I can also offer to-

  • edit audio samples into contemporary compositions.
  • ask for your permission to include selections of audio to inform interdisciplinary performance art installations (known as the Sensorium) which have a cultural/social themes.
  • Contact me if you’re interested to find out more

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    Me with Glenn Rogers on guitar Opera up do Naked red Washer top Light headdress boom-fest-orchid-star cloud-kollektiv gladesamjump Frosty casting shot


    Sam moved through the house from room to room and the entire party was at some stage given a small, intimate and highly personal part of the performance. Samantha's show was fantastic and the feedback was phenomenal – today I still get comments.

    NJB, Private Party