Awesome Portugal

I was very happy to be a part of Obrigado Portugal, a small one-day festival in a beautiful spot in the Algarve.
Here is a panorama of half of the site …
by day ~
by night ~

There were several tipi’s with wonderful events therein from sound to yoga and everything in between, including a children’s tent. There was a large stage for bands – and the bands were wild and varied – and a stone amphitheatre which was used for more thespian energies and school performances. Local crafty artisans nastled around the space with delicious local produce and food stalls to try. The early wind prevented all but the brave from entering the crystal clear waters that flowed in front of the main stage, but by the evening the calm of the elements was perfectly balmy. A wonderful vibration was created by all who attended and we were given an excellent example of why we all feel that this place is where we love to be. The open hearts and warm sharing energies of the people give me hope for humanity, and an indescribable joy for the future.

Watch out for regular future events from this community!

All information pertaining to this festival and its ongoing mission can be found on the following links.

Galactic Equation

As we make our imminent crossing of the Milky Way’s galactic equator it’s a fine time to rebalance our physical bodies with an awareness of the movements of the greater cosmos.

As each cosmological entity resonates with it’s own specific frequency, we too harbour unique resonances. What frequency am I resonating at? It is becoming apprarent that certain frequencies allow greater healing in the body while others hinder this inherent process. Am I increasing and attracting lower vibrations in my daily activities? Am I impinging the flow with harboured tensions and if so how can I release them?

All electronic devices emit lower vibrations via their electro-magnetic fields, which obfuscate those more delicate and pristine frequencies emitted by organic matter. This can easily create disturbances in our own electrical field. Everything has an electrical field, including us. It’s recommended to place crystals and organic materials around electronic devices, and to use them on battery rather than plugged into the wall wherever possible, which decreases the surge of voltage running through the device into our bodies, even without our touching it.

Meditation is also a wonderful way to clear the lint we are picking up from living a technoologically powered life. We can go even further and use grounders (carbon loaded rubber) but I’m not sure about using grounders in Portugal – when I am barefoot on the mic I give myself a fabulous electric shock on the mouth! Electric shocks are simply the extreme end of the frequencies from electrical devices that are bombarding us constantly. When we take the time to ‘feel’ our bodies we begin to sense the energy flow through it. Sure, it’s not obvious the first time we try, it takes commitment, like anything.

To ground ourselves is to reconnect with the Earth, such a vibrant and diverse, organic structure which bears us throughout our lives. Celebrating on a daily basis, in the mundane moments, our connection with this planetary body allows us the opportunity to reboot our energy systems, sharing the life-force we need to support whatever it takes to bring the planet back to ecological balance and harmony. Turn off the lights, power down, stargaze, feel what’s happening on the planet and inside us. It’s intense and radical. We are all in this together. And so we shift the focus inward to the body, and out and in, on the breath, in an endless cycle of pure resonance.

To end with this radical notion. The magnetosphere of the Earth is currently doing more wild and wacky things than general. It’s been building for some time. If you didn’t know, there happens to be an astrological body, Niburu on on an incredibly long ellipse through our solar system, already playing with Saturn as we speak. In the meantime, the tail of the much smaller comet, Elenin, is whipping up some extra meteor activity. Each body’s polarity is interplaying with our polarity, which is in communication with the Sun’s polarity. What does this mean? I have noticed that we are all experiencing more ‘stuff’ coming up, an intensity in the ‘polarisation’ of feelings and circumstances, a velocity that has everyone saying ‘where does the time go?’ and a desire to not put up with ‘it’ anymore (whatever ‘it’ happens to be for each of us). These things are not unrelated.

In the galactic equation, we’re all in this together! We can get tuned up outside the gym, in the garden, and in our hearts, in our harmonies. Sing! Sing what we feel, what we love! Paying less attention to the judgements and to the hype that’s all around enables the buzz to clear and our beings to open to the sweet resonances of all that is in the galactic equation, from the fractals in our hearts to the big bangs. It is there that integrity emancipates.

If you want to know more about grounding or Niburu email me and I will direct you to a pile of links I’ve sourced over the years.



To assist people to breathe expansively is pure freedom.

This image is called ‘Birth’ for other reasons but I imagine they are carrying themselves on their breath on an adventure through the sky, she assisting him to free the breath, and he in his turn supporting her. The union between the male and the female energies, representing positive and negative polarities, exemplified in breath. And as we understand the mirror, this adventure on the breath is magnified to encompass the enormity of the universe and the infinite fractal. This understanding opens our body, grounds us and all of a sudden the breath is deeper and more satisfying.

To Be and Breathe. That is the foundation.

Many, many people only learned to breathe in ways that stagnate the body because as children we learn so well from literally copying those around us and we have had a Western history of stopping the breath and reverse breathing (that’s another story). Think about it right now. How often are you sitting there reading or something and you find you are holding your breath? Or you realise that for hours you’ve just been taking these tiny breaths…and so then what do you do? You go the other way and reverse breathe till you hyperventilate!!! And then there is the sigh. A wonderful catharsis but without an anchor. When we increase the tools in our toolkit we can choose what we are doing with our breath to support what we are being in our lives at any moment.

I can assist you to greater purpose and clarity in your daily life with some very simple visualisations and techniques. I work individually and we create together, which means we are unique together. We can easily do this on Skype. We don’t even have to be in the same room. If you are struggling with your breath, your posture, or feel unclear in yourself and you want to work with some really down-to-earth strategies to create some new habits for yoursself, then speak to me. I am on your side and believe me, every time I assist you, I get so much out of it on a personal level. It’s actually what I am here for.

Bless you and your Breath. x x x

New Recordings of Popular Repertoire.

It’s been a busy year so far. I ended up with so much unexpected vocal work that all plans to learn web design better were postponed. Most of this work was to sing a fantastic selection of covers both contemporary and classical, including the list below. As a result of all the positive feedback from those performances I will be recording some of these songs this year for a growing list of people who are harrassing me about getting hold of them 🙂

All By Myself
all of me – unaccompanied
can’t help lovin dat man – unaccompanied
Cry Me A River
Heart of Glass
I Say A Little Prayer
La Vie en Rose
(You Make Me) Feel Like A Natural Woman
Nature Boy
Ne Me Quitte Pas
Over the Rainbow
Send in the Clowns
So Lonely
Summertime unacc
Walk on By
What a Wonderful World
Whatever Lola Wants
Wind Beneath My Wings

Amarilli, mia Bella
Apres Un Reve
Ave M Schubert
Chanson D’Amour
Elegy massenet
La Wally
Lascia ch’io pianga
Mon Coeur S’ouvre ta Voix
O Mio Babbino Caro
Ombra Mai Fu
Panis Angelicus
Rusalka Song to the Moon
si mi chiamano mimi
Solveigs Song
Vissi D’Arte
Walking in the Air

plus one very secret Aria that I cannot share until it’s release (sorry, just one of those things but definitely worth the surpirse!)

Slo-Mo Doco Screening Here!

Nick Dunlop’s documentary “The Making of Collision Course” is now available for viewing at It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the production of a rather amazing piece of human movement-meets-modern-technology. Soundscape by me and my London collaborator, Pete Ardron 🙂 Filmed and produced by Carmelo Musca of CM Films and Garry Stewart of Australian Dance Theatre and a host of glorious bodies to boot. I hope you enjoy! This scope of music is part of a genre which is also used wiith healing modalities and natural birthing methods, sending into peaceful sleep many people who were previously experiencing disturbed and restless sleep or even insomnia. It’s also brilliant for driving, headaches and acts as a really good noise filter. To find out how to get hold of your own copy of Interuterion send us an email using the contact form on this site. Let me know what other uses you find for it!


Music for All & Singing as your Birthright.

Some people swear they can’t sing. If that is you then you are missing the point by listening and judging instead of feeling. As a string vibrates, so does a bell. Is the human body any different? It isn’t. And you cannot hear that resonance when you are inside it, you can but FEEL it. It is sublime resonance which uplifts hearts and emancipates minds. Do yourself a favour and stop judging yourself! What is it you want to express? Then just Be that expression. Sure, you can help things along technically but above all is the passion to sing – for what reason other than Joy, Release, Abandon, Stress release, Community, History and Culture – – all very good reasons!! So for the pure pleasure, no longer listen to those who would tell you to shut up. If they say you sound like a strangled cat, perhaps you can work on it a little but for goodness sakes, don’t stop singing! If it feels bad and you feel like you’re ripping your throat to shreds, then you aren’t breathing properly and your posture needs some alignment – – and I can help you there in very few lessons! Remember – Singing is Everyone’s birthright. From ancient times, song has been used for an variety of purposes. If we stop singing then we have truly lost our way. And I know for sure that vibration is healing. So if you aren’t singing, then you are in fact being selfish! When you sing, you heal! Not only yourself, but others. Trust the feeling, trust your Heart 🙂

Perth Woman magazine article

I was approached to be interviewed in Perth Woman magazine.

It became a fashion shoot into the bargain.

Was a fun day out 🙂  I had a call from my daughter’s minder telling me she was vomiting right in the middle of it.  Curious times, I found out he’d fed her a redskinned hotdog.  Well, doh!  That would do it Love!

You can find out some more about me and other tidbits in this interview.

Why not a Festival in Russia?

I was excited to be asked to sing at a festival in Russia in late October. So off we go! I’ll be performing with Orchid Star and dishing out all the new tracks off our soon to be released ”Faster” album. I’ll let you know when we have the songs up to listen to. Meantime, you can hear some of the old album on my listen page or go to to hear more

– – I’m out in the bush learning all my music 🙂

Crystalline Bodies

This picture is real – the guy is actually standing inside a cave they recently found and the crystals had become huge.  Amazing stuff, imagine standing in that chamber!

Inside ourselves are mineral crystalline structures.  Our water content dictates this.  Our bones are also crystalline in nature.  We can learn to vibrate these structures to amplify healing.  We are always vibrating anyway, it’s a matter of choosing whether it’s a positive or negative vibration.  Toning and singing is paramount here.  Using metal or crystal bowls and /or the human voice we can create sounds which clear blockages in ourselves and those around us.  It is extraordinarily beautiful.  We can even use what seem to be dissonant harmonies to excite these transformations since the “friction” in the slight difference in length of the sound waves creates phasic pulses of great power.  So, though the crystals you get from the ground are valid, what a perfect instrument we already have in our very own bodies.

I am absolutely sure that huge blocks of stone have been moved by past civilisations into otherwise impossible positions using the power of sound in community.  Did you know that sound is used to move into position the tiniest pieces of solder required in microchipping?  The power of vibration is infinite and precise.

In the beginning was the word?  I believe the word was actually simply sound.  Words are limited and used monotonously most often, especially in “Strine” (Australian LOL).  Sound is not limited since sound expresses pure intention and intention forms thought and word.  In Indian music we have the “shruti” and these are further breaking down tones into small dissections.  Western ears don’t hear those smaller fractions without practice.  Westerners often speak using about 4-8 pitches.  This is partly to do with the lack of understanding of how to actively breathe and thus support our tone as well as the myriad of fears around self-expression.  Breathing is natural, however, we also learn by copying and if everyone around us has forgotten we have our work cut out for us as little children.

It is without a doubt time to regain the power of breathe to support our unique tone and clear the blockages in our pure crysaline selves.  In doing so, we find clarity and peace in our bodies and minds and become the multi-faceted being of infinite potential without judgement that is so emancipating.

coloured ice columns

WAM Nomination

I’ve collaborated with ‘tOmNtUm’ and Linsday Wells on “Rider” a joyride of a track which has won a WAM Nomination!

It’s now official – you can vote here by the end of Monday for it to be counted! :


You can also hear Rider on my listen page. Just click the first link – before all the sound files


Me with Glenn Rogers on guitar Opera up do Naked red Washer top Light headdress boom-fest-orchid-star cloud-kollektiv gladesamjump Frosty casting shot


Sam's exquisite voice, great personality and professional approach to her work have made it a pleasure to include her in any suitable shows with which I am involved.

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