Please contact me for a current copy of my CV, which will be uploaded as a pdf shortly. Thank you.

Song List

Song list is currently being updated. Email in the meantime.

Thank you.

Core Collaborators

Pete Ardron
Orchid Star
Bruce Elliot-Smith
Terra Nine
CM Films
Trilby Temperley
Steve Dragon
Cindi Drennan
To Neto
Glenn Rogers
Counting Clouds
Cloud Kolektiv

Living Statues

They take your breath away and they are the perfect ice-breaker at any gathering, large or small. Spectacular creations from James Grey’s Living Statue Company, drawing on legend, fantasy and frivolity, these larger than life statues are a pleasurable kick start to any quality event.

All characters are made to order for each event and the list of possibilities are endless, and include such things as Snow Queen, Cupid, Cleopatra, Tarzan and Jane, Witch, Alice – we can create any look for any theme at all.

Getting Ready to be a Gold Oscar in Wardrobe

A White Chocolate Box Character in position at the Old Brewery.

A gorgeous Muffin Lady. This one was taken after the gig at a different location. On location she held muffins out to unsuspecting guests and never failed to scare and delight!

A Tin Soldier for a family event at the Convention Centre.

Tarzan’s Jane for an after work corporate jungle party at the Hyatt.

Circus character at the Sail and Anchor.

Christmas Angel.

Opulent Baroque Bird Lady for 21st at Private Residence.

Snow Queen – Snow King also available. – Corporate event at Burswood Ballroom.

Bride and Groom at the Italian Club – Wedding Reception

Valentine Chocolate Lady.

There are plenty more – – try a mermaid, a chef, a blonde bimbo – – we make to order!

What’s in a name?

H – the ladder in the name of an Aramaic listener.  Samantha is uttered as Samanta in Europe.  I have roots in Europe.  A long time ago I went travelling and earned Samanta Ray as a homage to the freedom of this flying ocean beast of beauty.

Back in the dusty outback, the Aussie twang gives a different inflection to a simple name.  So for the benefit of our great Australian lingo the H returns its ladder to my name.

Samanta Ray is still out there flying. There are two of us! It makes sense, being a Gemini.

Bliss Bus

Emergent. Partnering with other organisations who have an ecological footfall to enhance the environment – both outer and inner 🙂 A project taking shape, this vehicle tours with healing energy across cultural routes to thread communities in harmony and wellbeing. It’s not that hippie – everyone likes a massage and knowledge right?

We envelope our visitors in the loveliest smells and a balm for the soul. We gather wisdom and give keys for self-actualisation.

Music added to Listen page

Find a swathe of music for your listening pleasure, with genres to help you meader to your tastes.   Enjoy! 🙂

Due to the formalities of copyright restrictions, only one track is available for download from my listen page, but permission will be granted as paperwork is pushed!

Latest news is that we entered two tracks in the WAMIs this year – myself, TomNTum and Lindsay Wells.  These can be heard on the listen page also.  Nominations in perhaps five weeks??  There is also public voting through ‘Perth Now’…

Filming at Subiaco Train Station

I recently filmed a scene with Carmelo Musca from CM Films. We were filming Rain at the Subi train station. We got on the train without the suitcase – on purpose (had some minders there to pick it up after the shot was done) and the police went running over and ruined the shot. They even came round to my house while I was in London and badgered my housemate!!! Hahahahaha!  Talk about terrorism extremes!!!  You can see the footage of that on the ‘Passion’ video by RIGHTclicking on the link below (the right click will open it in a new window and keep this page up for your convenience) ~

for the full length version of this song (which doesn’t have the rap) here’s a live video showing a smaller gig with some of the eclectic folk in the band and the tantric sound of ‘Passion’:

the Tipi and Creative Community

An extra large tipi with a fabulous Cree Indian history and its own kaleidascopic environment forms one of several creative zones for children and adults which includes (but is not limited to) ;

  • live organic music
  • guided craft explorations
  • shadow puppetry and theatre
  • guided social songwriting
  • DJ’s on the silent dancefloor (state-of-the-art wireless headphones!)
  • eco-faeires and angels
  • airbrushed temporary tattoos
  • face and body painting
  • hula hooping and acrobats
  • scrumptious raw/whole food choices
  • guided meditations and workshops

Parties are made exclusively to order. Also watch for our Summer Heart Festival Series!Talk to me.

Bardic Roots & Songlines

Are your family stories accessible?  What’s the rhythm of your upline?  To which beat do you walk and what connections do you have?  Stories are a powerful and underrated connection in families. They can help us understand our sometimes funny little ways and they can sometimes turn out to contain helpful advice!

My ancestors come in part from the land of the Welsh tinkers with at least five generations of ethnic blending in Australia.  I do enjoy a good story.  My grandmother is in her 90’s and regales us with wistful tales of our ‘unborn’ history.  We may manage to remember some of these stories, be they only a glimpse of the many fascinating  transformations and difficulties faced in the past by our collective ancestors.

Growing up in the bush, I enjoy the campfire and possibilities of sharing and dramatising in the lucid light from an early age.  The soft hiss and pop of the fire and the rustlings from the trees are forever connected with certain memories, even without the images as triggers.  However, more subtle aural triggers are all around us in our daily lives, from the creak of the gate or the sound of a particular footfall, the scrunch of leather from grandpa’s jacket, the way those leaves crunch, the sound of sister playing the piano…..  In the background, even as part of another soundscape, it is a comfortable noise, a meditation, a balm, a soother….something you might miss on holiday.

So tis not just sights and smells and stories but the most subtle sounds which have the power to trigger emotions and states of being.

This is where my passion comes in handy because I can teach you how to record the unique flavours of your family tree and work with you to gain the most comfortable, natural recordings for you to enjoy, keep and share so you can –

  • create an enduring legacy for the younger members of the family.
  • create a soothing soundscape as a noise filter for rezoning and refocussing spaces using these recordings.
  • begin an open or closed time capsule.
  • transform boring slide nights into a groovy story that will have the whole family engaged!

    I can also offer to-

  • edit audio samples into contemporary compositions.
  • ask for your permission to include selections of audio to inform interdisciplinary performance art installations (known as the Sensorium) which have a cultural/social themes.
  • Contact me if you’re interested to find out more


    Me with Glenn Rogers on guitar Opera up do Naked red Washer top Light headdress boom-fest-orchid-star cloud-kollektiv gladesamjump Frosty casting shot


    I have boundless admiration for her as a serious musician and as a performer. Gifted with an exquisite singing voice. Diligent, imaginitive, and hardworking.

    DW, Arts Patron