To assist people to breathe expansively is pure freedom.

This image is called ‘Birth’ for other reasons but I imagine they are carrying themselves on their breath on an adventure through the sky, she assisting him to free the breath, and he in his turn supporting her. The union between the male and the female energies, representing positive and negative polarities, exemplified in breath. And as we understand the mirror, this adventure on the breath is magnified to encompass the enormity of the universe and the infinite fractal. This understanding opens our body, grounds us and all of a sudden the breath is deeper and more satisfying.

To Be and Breathe. That is the foundation.

Many, many people only learned to breathe in ways that stagnate the body because as children we learn so well from literally copying those around us and we have had a Western history of stopping the breath and reverse breathing (that’s another story). Think about it right now. How often are you sitting there reading or something and you find you are holding your breath? Or you realise that for hours you’ve just been taking these tiny breaths…and so then what do you do? You go the other way and reverse breathe till you hyperventilate!!! And then there is the sigh. A wonderful catharsis but without an anchor. When we increase the tools in our toolkit we can choose what we are doing with our breath to support what we are being in our lives at any moment.

I can assist you to greater purpose and clarity in your daily life with some very simple visualisations and techniques. I work individually and we create together, which means we are unique together. We can easily do this on Skype. We don’t even have to be in the same room. If you are struggling with your breath, your posture, or feel unclear in yourself and you want to work with some really down-to-earth strategies to create some new habits for yoursself, then speak to me. I am on your side and believe me, every time I assist you, I get so much out of it on a personal level. It’s actually what I am here for.

Bless you and your Breath. x x x

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I have boundless admiration for her as a serious musician and as a performer. Gifted with an exquisite singing voice. Diligent, imaginitive, and hardworking.

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