Crystalline Bodies

This picture is real – the guy is actually standing inside a cave they recently found and the crystals had become huge.  Amazing stuff, imagine standing in that chamber!

Inside ourselves are mineral crystalline structures.  Our water content dictates this.  Our bones are also crystalline in nature.  We can learn to vibrate these structures to amplify healing.  We are always vibrating anyway, it’s a matter of choosing whether it’s a positive or negative vibration.  Toning and singing is paramount here.  Using metal or crystal bowls and /or the human voice we can create sounds which clear blockages in ourselves and those around us.  It is extraordinarily beautiful.  We can even use what seem to be dissonant harmonies to excite these transformations since the “friction” in the slight difference in length of the sound waves creates phasic pulses of great power.  So, though the crystals you get from the ground are valid, what a perfect instrument we already have in our very own bodies.

I am absolutely sure that huge blocks of stone have been moved by past civilisations into otherwise impossible positions using the power of sound in community.  Did you know that sound is used to move into position the tiniest pieces of solder required in microchipping?  The power of vibration is infinite and precise.

In the beginning was the word?  I believe the word was actually simply sound.  Words are limited and used monotonously most often, especially in “Strine” (Australian LOL).  Sound is not limited since sound expresses pure intention and intention forms thought and word.  In Indian music we have the “shruti” and these are further breaking down tones into small dissections.  Western ears don’t hear those smaller fractions without practice.  Westerners often speak using about 4-8 pitches.  This is partly to do with the lack of understanding of how to actively breathe and thus support our tone as well as the myriad of fears around self-expression.  Breathing is natural, however, we also learn by copying and if everyone around us has forgotten we have our work cut out for us as little children.

It is without a doubt time to regain the power of breathe to support our unique tone and clear the blockages in our pure crysaline selves.  In doing so, we find clarity and peace in our bodies and minds and become the multi-faceted being of infinite potential without judgement that is so emancipating.

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  1. Drew.

    The most natural remains the most inspiring Sam,beautiful

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