Galactic Equation

As we make our imminent crossing of the Milky Way’s galactic equator it’s a fine time to rebalance our physical bodies with an awareness of the movements of the greater cosmos.

As each cosmological entity resonates with it’s own specific frequency, we too harbour unique resonances. What frequency am I resonating at? It is becoming apprarent that certain frequencies allow greater healing in the body while others hinder this inherent process. Am I increasing and attracting lower vibrations in my daily activities? Am I impinging the flow with harboured tensions and if so how can I release them?

All electronic devices emit lower vibrations via their electro-magnetic fields, which obfuscate those more delicate and pristine frequencies emitted by organic matter. This can easily create disturbances in our own electrical field. Everything has an electrical field, including us. It’s recommended to place crystals and organic materials around electronic devices, and to use them on battery rather than plugged into the wall wherever possible, which decreases the surge of voltage running through the device into our bodies, even without our touching it.

Meditation is also a wonderful way to clear the lint we are picking up from living a technoologically powered life. We can go even further and use grounders (carbon loaded rubber) but I’m not sure about using grounders in Portugal – when I am barefoot on the mic I give myself a fabulous electric shock on the mouth! Electric shocks are simply the extreme end of the frequencies from electrical devices that are bombarding us constantly. When we take the time to ‘feel’ our bodies we begin to sense the energy flow through it. Sure, it’s not obvious the first time we try, it takes commitment, like anything.

To ground ourselves is to reconnect with the Earth, such a vibrant and diverse, organic structure which bears us throughout our lives. Celebrating on a daily basis, in the mundane moments, our connection with this planetary body allows us the opportunity to reboot our energy systems, sharing the life-force we need to support whatever it takes to bring the planet back to ecological balance and harmony. Turn off the lights, power down, stargaze, feel what’s happening on the planet and inside us. It’s intense and radical. We are all in this together. And so we shift the focus inward to the body, and out and in, on the breath, in an endless cycle of pure resonance.

To end with this radical notion. The magnetosphere of the Earth is currently doing more wild and wacky things than general. It’s been building for some time. If you didn’t know, there happens to be an astrological body, Niburu on on an incredibly long ellipse through our solar system, already playing with Saturn as we speak. In the meantime, the tail of the much smaller comet, Elenin, is whipping up some extra meteor activity. Each body’s polarity is interplaying with our polarity, which is in communication with the Sun’s polarity. What does this mean? I have noticed that we are all experiencing more ‘stuff’ coming up, an intensity in the ‘polarisation’ of feelings and circumstances, a velocity that has everyone saying ‘where does the time go?’ and a desire to not put up with ‘it’ anymore (whatever ‘it’ happens to be for each of us). These things are not unrelated.

In the galactic equation, we’re all in this together! We can get tuned up outside the gym, in the garden, and in our hearts, in our harmonies. Sing! Sing what we feel, what we love! Paying less attention to the judgements and to the hype that’s all around enables the buzz to clear and our beings to open to the sweet resonances of all that is in the galactic equation, from the fractals in our hearts to the big bangs. It is there that integrity emancipates.

If you want to know more about grounding or Niburu email me and I will direct you to a pile of links I’ve sourced over the years.


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  1. baubo

    Wow, what an amazing post! Woman of Knowledge. Thank You.

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My musical tastes generally hover around country and western with a bit of rock thrown in so I was genuinely surprised and delighted by how much I enjoyed your mixture of opera, soul and jazz. You have a special talent and I wish you all the best with your music career.

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