Living Statues

They take your breath away and they are the perfect ice-breaker at any gathering, large or small. Spectacular creations from James Grey’s Living Statue Company, drawing on legend, fantasy and frivolity, these larger than life statues are a pleasurable kick start to any quality event.

All characters are made to order for each event and the list of possibilities are endless, and include such things as Snow Queen, Cupid, Cleopatra, Tarzan and Jane, Witch, Alice – we can create any look for any theme at all.

Getting Ready to be a Gold Oscar in Wardrobe

A White Chocolate Box Character in position at the Old Brewery.

A gorgeous Muffin Lady. This one was taken after the gig at a different location. On location she held muffins out to unsuspecting guests and never failed to scare and delight!

A Tin Soldier for a family event at the Convention Centre.

Tarzan’s Jane for an after work corporate jungle party at the Hyatt.

Circus character at the Sail and Anchor.

Christmas Angel.

Opulent Baroque Bird Lady for 21st at Private Residence.

Snow Queen – Snow King also available. – Corporate event at Burswood Ballroom.

Bride and Groom at the Italian Club – Wedding Reception

Valentine Chocolate Lady.

There are plenty more – – try a mermaid, a chef, a blonde bimbo – – we make to order!

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4 Responses to “Living Statues”
  1. 07.29.2010


    Can you tell me more about each incarnation – maybe with a heading for each? I’d really like to know what each character is based on. The variation in “looks” and beautiful make-up work is spectacular!

  2. Graham Rogers

    Great to see you are working with James. I did shows with him years ago and found him to be one of the few truly creative artists around; he thinks visually and his creations would always go beyond the expected. His eye for detail and finish makes his work truly unique and he is one of WA’s unsung talents. Good to see his talent is still flourishing.

  3. 08.06.2010

    Hi Darling, great to see the spectacular ensemble of You. Fabulous!

  4. Craig Masters

    Hi Sam, Nice work here sister….Love into your Heart…….

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