My Artistic Side

We are all creative beings and we can all create works of art and sing. Sure, some become Picasso and we don’t all need to have the same passionate direction, but we are all uniquely talented and can no longer deny our birthright! Musical expression has a purpose apart from entertainment. It records stories – culturally, personally, globally. It creates rhythmical structures that can be used to time journeys or ensure the cooking isn’t overdone! It opens the brain to new synaptic pathways over and over again. It’s also fun, strengthens community and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Singing and creating stuff is a thing humans have always done and is basically how we got to where we are today. Up until recently it wasn’t done on our backsides all day!!!! Feeling and being free and spontaneous really comes down to losing the fear (subjective expectation) and habit (inertia), two things humans are very good are getting stuck into a rut with! And getting stuck in a rut is known to assist the onset of Alzheimers….

Well, you can teach an old dog new tricks! We can all breathe deeply with very little effort apart from the embracing of the new habit. By hanging out with people who know how to do what we want to do, by being with them, watching and listening to them, pretty soon we naturally osmose that energy and becomes us.

I act as a facillitator and support this development.

In gaining your freedom I also gain mine.

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Sam inspires me, She is a unique talent, voice and presence.

Pete Ardron, Orchid Star