Minerals. Essential. Nourishing our bodies. The aquamarine mineral bath in the picture is nestled in the woods on the North Island of NZ in a place called Okoroire, what a cool name! Sumptuous viscosity. This water is alive!!! Better not drink it as they say there have been cases of brain eating parasites from such water but to bathe in it is heaven.

Drinking water still needs to be mineralised for us to survive so rain water is great if you add some colloidal minerals to it. What are classified as minerals do not really include chlorine and fluoride tho, LOL! Exit the tap water!!! Did you know that the flouride in our tap water is calcifying to the pineal gland? I do not believe the hype about fluoride saving teeth. That is absolutely ridiculous to say you should flood the entire body with what is essentially industrial waste from the creation of explosives and fertilisers. It is closely linked to aluminium and was marketing to the sheeple to pass off a liability as an asset.

http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=14949 links

Indeed, the story goes deeper – do a youtube search, where you will easily find some fascinating videos on the subject. Needless to say, the pineal gland is the physical interface for the third eye and we really want to be cultivating it, especially considering it’s location at the centre of the brain.

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...the Lounge became the catacomb that resonated the vocal tour de force of Samantha Ray, whose powerful howls, accompanied by a montage of technological symphonies have been labelled operatic dance fusion. This sweet siren's almost metaphysical presence enticed onlookers as she threw blossoms into the crowd and interacted with her audience to offer a deeper insight into the poetry behind her music. Merging with the house-inspired backing beats, the enthralling performance enveloped the spectators to culminate in a passionate round of applause.