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An array of scintillating and satisfying performances at special events ~ Pick and mix in a packaged twist or shave a slice for impactful spice. ~ The voice mingles with strings, harp, keys and a smooth cocktail with some very tasteful opera, perhaps even with a groovy “Fifth Element” technology twist. ~ Or go for the more classic belt repertoire, power ballads, or motown/disco numbers with a band, or something in between. ~ Be treated to seasoned, professional musicians, brilliant equipment and crew or equivalent backing tracks and system. We imbibe your favourite songs, infused with your theming requirements. ~ Add one of our amazing fabricated environments or a special costume, other players such as dancers or a living statue are also available.

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Voluptuous and varied vocals with DJ, sax, and percussion into the mist of the night. (Siren sounds smoulder and slide through decadent dance and trance grooves.) For a thirty minute medley mixtape please use the contact form.


Give yourself away with your favourite songs as well as ones to please the parents ‘n’ the pastor! We have endless suggestions to make it all so easy for you! With harp, organ, string ensemble, or a-capella, Samantha is an experienced and trusted Ceremony Singer.

Integrated Breath-worker

Resonance Facilitator) Maximise the vitality of your all your body systems through integrated breathwork. Use a solid foundation of supported breath using the techniques of the masters to enhance resonance, velocity, endurance, tone and freedom. Gain a deeper, more vibrant understanding of the space within and without, contributing to positive results for health and wellbeing. Also brilliant for pregnancy and birthing.

Vocal Coach
  • Thespians
  • Singers
  • Public Speakers

Access an engaging mash-up of speech-tone level singing, the classical Italian method and resonance techniques to develop your beautifully strong and balanced voice. Can including score reading, characterisation, and performance preparation in short or longer term packages. Also once-a-month intensives for the self-starter, ad hoc pre-audition coaching and group workshops.

Vocal projection is key during presentations of any kind, whether spoken or sung. Expanding on a foundation of supported breath to enhance resonant sound in space, open to a realm of personal insight where space and sound unite, where space is limitless and becomes a tool to balance and harmonize your life.  You will also inspire your friends with your new power-source!

Music Instruction

All Ages – covering;

  • theory
  • history
  • aural
  • form
  • reading
  • genres
  • character
  • range
  • studio and production

Individually programmed lessons to suit your personal goals with respect given to current AMEB syllabus and audition standards. Also available for special needs classes.

Alpha Alignment Practitioner

Samantha engages with the client to unblock energy channels and release old patterns. Informed by a broader training in body and foot massage and sound healing techniques, this work uses a massage table or chair, as is appropriate.

Music Producer

Samantha creates soundtracks, songs and melodic/lyrical contributions for clients in-house. Collaboration with various chill producers globally guarantees unique flavours enhanced with vocals for documentaries and films and album features.

  • Storytelling sessions for fun, frivolous and auspicious occasions – drawing on myth, legend, archetype and contemporary culture.
  • Recording stories for clients on demand, chapter by chapter
  • Creating cherished family songlines from recordings made with your family tree. Capture stories that might otherwise be lost. The stories our wise elders tell are often insightful and healing, not to mention fascinating and and often incredible!
  • Samantha is also known to read on Information Radio.
Baby Songlines

You can now enjoy a keepsake of your baby’s progress in the world of utterance, from the first syllable to the well rounded eloquence of a schoolie!  Each child’s voice and vocal development is absolutely unique.   Imagine memories of your children in the form of recordings!  We develop a unique rapport with our clients to teach you how to get the best recordings and transfer them with ease so they can be edited and stored safely.  We make the compilation with or without backing music to your design and genre.  Listen out for a demo of my daughters early years, coming soon!


The voice has an exquisite way of embracing and touching us. At such a delicate time as the passing of a loved on we yearn to enhance our connection with the cycles of life and death by choosing appropriate live music. Samantha offers sensitivity and attention to your needs and is able to sing just about any repertoire to enhance your service. Other musicians, ensembles, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and beautiful locally hand rolled incense are also available upon request. Samantha sings at the service and is also able to be present at graveside.

Choir & Ensemble

Samantha also partners with several unique choirs and ensembles to offer scintillating harmonies and some exquisite repertoire, both old and new, for just the right occasion. Ask me questions!


Me with Glenn Rogers on guitar Opera up do Naked red Washer top Light headdress boom-fest-orchid-star cloud-kollektiv gladesamjump Frosty casting shot


Samantha is a great musician to work with, she has a great understanding about the concepts of resonance, expression, mood and improvisation.

Balvinder Singh, Musician