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"The Vignette Vendetta"

Standout singing with a magnificent fusion ensemble, delivering favourite tunes to swoon by. A full songlist is available or let us create a themed sountrack for your mood.

Delivering show stopping performances using a unique fusion of opera and and groove to entrance and entertain. Costumed and choreographed performance underlines a keynote speech or presentation, followed by laid-back lounge music, perfect for mingling.

One or more short, scintillating stories presented with key characters and scenes, embellished with custom-made animation, and a sumptuous live band or DJ, designed to enhance the flavour of your event and emphasise the key moment with an absolute cliffhanger!

An engaging mix of lyrical vocals with a heart pulsing synopsis, short dynamic, impactful performances are delivered to very special events.

Made to a client brief.

Multimedia Events

Not only can we sing to delight you, we can also create multimedia installations for functions, weddings, celebrations, sponsorships, presentations, publicity. These installations are designed to be engaged with. Spaces are transformed using mixed media including fabric, image projection, performance art, and soundscapes. They are always different, more often temporary and can last from ten minutes to several days!

Events can also be designed to last permanently. All events can be scaled down to suit for a ‘home invasion’. 🙂


Intense serenader Intimate harp duo. Moi avec Bronwyn Wallis. Soloist singer Troubador Bicycle dress Washer top Light headdress boomfest2 lightdress


Sam moved through the house from room to room and the entire party was at some stage given a small, intimate and highly personal part of the performance. Samantha's show was fantastic and the feedback was phenomenal – today I still get comments.

NJB, Private Party